Duration : 2 Months

Getting Started with OOPS and Java

Object-Oriented Programming, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, What is Java?, History of Java, How to get Java, Compiling and interpreting application, The JDK Directory Structure, Inside JVM, A first java program, Comments (Line, Block, Java Doc)

Data types and Variables

Primitive Datatypes, Non-Primitive Datatypes, Declarations, Variable Names, Numeric Literals, Character Literals, String Literals, The Dot Operator,

Operators and Expressions

Assignment Operator, Arithmetic Operator, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Increment and Decrement, Oprators, Oprate-Assign Operators(+=,etc.), The Conditional Oprator, Operator Precedence, Implicit Type Conversions, The Cast Operator

Control Flow

Expressions, Statements, Conditional(if) Statements, Adding an else if, Conditional (switch) Statements, While and do-while Loops, For Loops, The continue Statement, The Break Statement


One Dimentional Arrays, Multi-Dimentional Arrays, Enhanced For Loop

Introducing Classes

Classes and Objects, Fields and Methods, Methods, Calling Methods, Defining Methods, Method Parameters, Method Overloading, Variable argument parameters methods. Constructors, Garbage Collection, Access Modifier, (private, public, protected, default), Non-Access Modifier (static, final, abstract), keywords: this, Wrapper Classes, String, StringBuilder and StringBuffer

Inheritance in Java

Inheritance, Inheritance in Java, Method Overriding, Keywords (Super & Final), Abstract Clases, Interfaces,

Inner Classes and Packages

Inner Classes Concept, Anonymous Inner Class, Static inner class, Packages, Defining Packages, Package Scope, CLASSPATH and Finding Packages, The import Statement, Static Imports

Exception Handling

Exception Overview, Catching Exceptions, The Finally Block, Exception Methods, Declaring Exceptions, Defining and Throwing Exceptions, Errors and RuntimeExceptions

Input/Output Streams

Overview of Streams, Bytes vs. Characters, Converting Byte Streams to Character Streams, File I/O, Binary Input and Output, Basic and Filtered Streams, Serialization, Reading and Writing Objects, Print Writer Class, Scanner Class, File Class

MultiThreading in Java

Non-Threaded Applications, Threaded Applications, Creating Threads, Thread States, Runnable Threads, Coordinating Threads, Interrupting Threads, Runnable Interface, Synchronizing Threads, Interthread Communication, ThreadGroups,
Advanced Locking Concepts

Collection Framework and Generics

Generics, The Collection Framework, The List Interface, ListImplementation Classes, The Set Interface, Set Implementation Classes, The List Interface, LisCt Implementation Classes, The Map Interface, Map Implementation
lasses, Sorting with Comparator and Comparable, Sorting Lists and Arrays, Collections Utility Methods,

Internalization and Property class

Internalizing application, Locale, ResourceBundle, Properties class, Date Time formatter, Number Formatter

Date and Time Handling in Java

Date, Calender, SimpleDateFormat

Neworking Basics and Classes

Url, UrlConnection, HttpUrlConnection

Introduction to Eclipse

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