Welcome to the Excel Computer Classes!

I have the following quotation for you
“Neither Kalpana Chawla nor Sunitha Williams was from IIT, nor was Prof. APJ Kalam.

Do remember that in this age of the rat race it is the mouse expert that wins the race and therefore in your personality add the mouse a bit too.

The Excel Computer Classes teaching method is so designed that you will not be found wanting in any of the domains ranging from personality, cultural values, computer skills and the technical domain.

The contemporary design of our state-of -the-art labs, smart classrooms, meeting spaces, research and teaching areas etc., is an integral expression of our commitment to creating a physical environment that can sustain the production of learning and knowledge in the 21st century.

Courses have contents like Computing, Analysis, Programming, Data Storage and Management.

Excel Computer Classes will endeavor to provide full support to hone and nurture the individual's physical and mental support.

Rakesh Verma

Hare Krishna!!