B.Sc Best Course Or B.Tech Best Course

B.Sc Best Course Or B.Tech Best Course

There is a lot of confusions in students for whether they enroll in B.Sc. or B.Tech after 12th.

A common misconception is B.Tech (engineering) is better than B.Sc. (pure science), while a few confident students stick to B.Sc. as their career goals are clear. Some feel B.Tech is tough and they won’t be able to perform up to the expected level, while others feel B.Sc. is way too easy.

To remove this confusion and misconceptions, let’s look at the different aspects involved in these two courses which might help you in choosing either B.Sc. or B.Tech.

Criteria BSc (Bachelor of Science) BTech (Bachelor of Technology)
Duration 3 years 4 years
Area Of Study Pure Science Applied Science
Content Type Broad and Theoretical Practical and Technical
Number of Courses Comparatively More in B.Sc. Comparatively less in B.Tech
Course Rigor Comfortable as compared to B.Tech. Tough and Demanding
For whom it is? One who is more inclined towards the non-technical part like basic science. More of a researcher. One who is more interested in the technical part of science like designing, calculating, performing etc.
Course Type More of a Study Oriented Course More of a Job Oriented Course

Advantages of B.Sc. over B.Tech

This is not to hurt any feelings of an engineering student. Yes, Engineering is the best among all the bachelor courses to achieve heights in your career, but it does have some disadvantages as well as per the current Indian education scenario. We want you to be more reasonable while making decisions for your career. Awareness is a vital key for an excellent plan.

Wide Range of Career Options For B.Sc Aspirants

Comparing B.Sc. or B.Tech, as an engineering student you are bound to get admission in limited engineering courses such as IT, CS, Electrical, Mechanical etc.
You choose the one which is in trend. In B.Sc., you will get a wide range of subjects to choose according to your interest and passion. The courses in B.Sc. are more specific to your interest. From Biology to Physics to Chemistry, you can take admission in any course which suits your passion. Some of the major courses in B.Sc. are:

B.Sc. Biology, B.Sc. Geology, B.Sc. Chemistry, B.Sc. Mathematical Statistics, B.Sc. Mathematics, B.Sc. Microbiology, B.Sc. Biotechnology, B.Sc. Agricultural and Dairy Science, B.Sc. Biological Science, B.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. Physiotherapy, B.Sc. Biomedical Science, B.Sc. Occupational Therapy, B.Sc. Physical Science, B.Sc. Botany, B.Sc. Genetics, B.Sc. Horticulture, B.Sc. Environmental Science, B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics BFSc (Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences), B.Sc. Food Technology, B.Sc. Zoology, B.Sc. Home Science, B.Sc. Forensic Science and many more.

To know the complete list of courses in which you can take admission, visit – List of B.Sc. Courses

Choose B.Sc. if –
You like to study theoretical science, more of reading and researching, learning new breakthroughs, derive formulas in research science & mathematics (and related).

If you are comfortable working in labs and similar settings than working machines and at industrial plants, then a pure science course like BSc is for you.

Choose B.Tech if –
You are a person who likes, or look forward, to doing more hands-on-work, practical rather than theoretical work, test things rather than spend time at labs formulating and researching. It means you like to work by applying solutions to resolve issues rather than studying in depth in to new areas and findings.

List of Engineering Program

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