Duration : 1 Month

Basics of Android

Android What is Android, History and Version, Installing softwares, Setup Eclipse, Hello Android example,
Internal Details, Dalvik VM, Software Stack, Android Core Building Blocks, Android Emulator, AndroidManifest.xml, R.java file, Hide Title Bar, Screen Orientation

UI Widgets

Working with Button, Toast, Custom Toast, Button, Toggle Button, Switch Button, Image Button, CheckBox, AlertDialog, Spinner, AutoCompleteTextView, RatingBar, DatePicker, TimePicker, ProgressBar, Quick Contact Budge, Analog Clock and Digital Clock, Working with hardware Button
File Download

Activity, Intent & Fragment

Activity Lifecycle, Activity Example, Implicit Intent, Explicit Intent, Fragment Lifecycle, Fragment Example, Dynamic Fragment

Android Menu

Option Menu, Context Menu, Popup Menu

Layout Manager

Relative Layout, Linear Layout, Table Layout, Grid Layout,


Array Adaptor, ArrayList Adaptor, Base Adaptor


GridView, WebView, ScrollView, SearchView, TabHost, DynamicListView, ExpandedListView

Advance Android

Android Service

Android Service, Android Service API, Android Started Service, Android Bound Service, Android Service Life Cycle, Android Service Example

Data Storage

Shared Preferences, Internal Storage, External Storage


SQLite API, SQLite Spinner, SQLite ListView


XML Parsing SAX, XML Parsing DOM, XML Pull Parser, JSON Parsing

Cotent Provider

Content Proivider Fundamental, Contact Content Provider, Other Built-in Content Providers, Creating Custom Content Provider, Understanding Content URI, ContentResolver, Sharing Information from custom content provider

Android Notification

Notification API, Creating Notification Builder, Setting Notification Properties, Attaching Actions
Issuing Notification, NotificationCompat.Builder class, Android Notification Examples


Wallpapaer, Live Wallpaper, Multimedia API, Playing Audio, Creating Audio Player, Playing Video, Alarm Manager, Gallery

Speech API

TextToSpeech API, TextToSpeech Example, Managing speed and pitch, Speech To Text

Telephone API

Telephony Manager, Get Call State, Call State BroadcastReceiver, Simple Caller Talker, Making Phone Call, Send SMS, Send Email

Location API

Location API Fundamental, Example of Android Location API, Working with Google Maps


Android Animation API, Android Drawable class, Android Animation Example, Android Rotate Animation, Android Fade Animation, Android Zoom Animation

Device Connectivity

Bluetooth Tutorial, List Paired Devices, Working with WiFi, Working with Camera


Sensor API, Motion Sensor, Position Sensor, Environmental Sensor, Sensor Values, SensorManager class, Sensor Class, SensorEvent class, SensorEventListener interface, Compass Acceslerometer and Orientation Sensors, Sensor Examples

Android Graphics

Graphics API, 2D Graphics, android.graphics.Canvas, android.graphics.Paint class

Android P2P Communication

Introducing Instant Messaging, Using the GTalk Service, Monitoring the Roste for Changes, Sending and Receiving Data Messages, Transmitting Data Messages, Receiving Data Messages

Android Web Services

What is web service, Soap Vs Restful web service, Android Restful web service example with java servlet, Storing data into external oracle database, Verifying data in android with external oracle database

Android Google Map

Android Map V2 API, Adding Map, Customizing Map, GoogleMap class, Android Google Map Application

Project Development

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