Duration : 1 Month

Overview of Client-Side JavaScript

Including JavaScript in a Page, Using the <script> Tag, Referencing an External Script File, Using an Event Handler, Using a URL, Evolution of the JavaScript Language

Declaring Variables

var, let and const Keywords, Local vs. Global Variables, Declaring Block-scoped Variables, Using JavaScript Primitive Types, String, Number and Boolean, undefined, null, Performing Data Conversions

Interacting with the User

alert, prompt, confirm

Working with JavaScript Operators

Arithmetic Operators, Assignment Operators, Using the Math and Date Objects, Equality and Identity Operators, Logical and Comparison Operators

Controlling Flow

Conditional Constructs: if else, switch. Looping Contructs: do while, while, for, for each. Branching Statements: break, continue.

Using String Methods

Searching within a String, Returning a Substring, Converting Character Case, Creating Number Objects, Formatting Numbers

Creating Arrays

Using the Array Constructor, Using Literal Notation, Accessing Array Elements, Common Array Methods, Defining and Using Associative Arrays, Predefined Object Arrays

Implementing Functions

Declaring Functions, Invoking Functions, Named and Anonymous Functions, Passing Arguments, Local vs. Global Variables, Returning Values from a Function, The this Keyword, Default Parameters, Explaining Closures

Using the window Object

Opening and Closing Windows, Using Timers, Passing Data Between Windows, Using the document Object, Writing to the Webpage, Accessing Properties of the Document, navigator Object, location Object, screen Object

Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)

Selecting DOM Elements:  getElementById, getElementsByTagName, getElementsByName, getElementsByClassName, querySelector, querySelectorAll, Modifying Page Content with the DOM,     Manipulating CSS using JavaScript

Working with Forms

Accessing Forms from JavaScript, Working with Form Elements, Validating Form Fields,        Checking Required Fields, Checking Length of Input, Canceling Form Submission

Using Regular Expressions

Overview of Regular Expressions, Using Regular Expressions in JavaScript, Creating a RegExp Object, Using i and g Flags, Validating Strings with Regular Expressions, Using Backreferences

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