Duration : 2 Months

Adobe InDesign Course Contents

Introduction to Adobe InDesign, MANAGING THE INDESIGN ENVIRONMENT: Preferences
Customize your workspace, Manage document presets, Workspace and window arrangement

Designing Documents

Create a new document, Alter a documents layout, Develop Master pages, Develop Layers

Managing and Formatting Text

Add text, Edit text, Thread text, Change text threads, Placing a text document, Placing a Word document

Format Characters

Format paragraphs with styles, Manage Styles, Based-on styles, Exchanging styles, Quick Apply
Text wrap, Rules


Arranging, aligning and distributing, Transforming objects, Duplicating, Rotating, Object Styles, nDesign Snippets, Links panel

Special Effects

Inner Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, Gradient Feather, Inner Glow and Outer Glow


Using InDesign libraries

Utilising Colours and Swatches

Utilize colour, Utilize swatches, Create a custom swatch, Apply swatches, Exchange swatches

Managing Transparency

Apply transparency


File types, Importing options, Scale an image, Crop an image, Select inside a frame, Target graphic inside frame, Checking image resolution, Understanding actual against effective, The links panel, Downsampling images for Adobe PDF


Inner Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, Gradient Feather, Basic Feather, Inner Glow and Outer Glow, Removing transparency

Creating Adobe PDF Files

Prepare PDF files for web distribution, Export PDF files for printing, PDF/X-1a for global distribution
Understanding the trim, art and bleed boxes

Managing Your Workspace

Advanced zooming and navigation, Advanced view options, Advanced navigation options, Focus selection for formatting, Changing tools (without changing)


Advanced style sheet tips, Managing long documents, Hyphenation and justification, Tracking and kerning


Paster remembers layers, Multi-lingual export options, Locking layers, Duplicating layers


Shapes with the frame tools, Ellipses and polygons, Strokes and configurations, Accessing stroke easter eggs

Where Text Meet Graphics

Inline graphics, Anchored objects, Creating type outline, Using transparency

Print Production

Checking object resolution and colour, Configuring the Links panel, Quick-edit of links content, Advanced preview

Importing & Exporting

Adding Excel or Word Tables, Import text options, Import graphic options

Long Documents

Using table of contents, Creating a table of contents style, Editing a table of contents, Creating hyperlinks from a table of contents


Using the eyedropper, Create new pantone swatches, Spot or process considerations, Creating multi-ink group, Editing a multi-ink group, Using the eyedropper, Create new pantone swatches, Spot or process considerations, Creating multi-ink group, Editing a multi-ink group

Live Preflight

Live preflight, Defining profiles, Importing and exporting, Embedding profiles, Package and new font options

PDF Export Engine

PDF/X ISO standards, Colour transformations, Registration marks, Trim and bleed geometry, Configure Adobe Acrobat, Display trim and bleed marks


Importing data, Creating a table, Modifying a table, Navigating a table, Formatting a table, Creating cell styles, Creating table styles, Applying table styles, Style tips and tricks

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