Duration : 1 Month


The World Wide Web (WWW) and history of HTML, Hypertext and Hypertext Markup Language, Why HTML, Prerequisites, Objective of this HTML course, HTML Documents

HTML Documents

Dividing the document into 2 parts: Headers, Body


Format, Representing 2 types of tag, Bold, Italic, underlined, crossed, Marquee

Elements of an HTML Document

Text Elements, Tag Elements, Special Character elements

Structural elements of HTML documents

Paragraphs, Lists: Numbered list, Non-Numbered lists, Definition lists

Managing images in html

Image format (quality, size, type, …), Frames


Tags used in table definition, Tags used for border thickness, Tags used for cell spacing, Tags used for table size, Dividing table with lines, Dividing lines with cells

Types of links

Internal Links, External Links, Link Tags, Links with images and buttons, Links that send email messages, Anchor tag


Creating data entry forms: Text, Input, CheckBox, Radio Button, Combo Box, Buttons


Introduction, New Elements, Video, Video/DOM, Audio, Drag and Drop, Canvas, SVG, Canvas vs. SVG, Geolocation, Web Storage, App Cache, Web Workers, SSE, Tags

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