About Digital Marketing Course

As trends of Internet is growing day by day so now become Digital Marketing becomes essential for every business. In Digital Marketing we have 18 module which are explain below.


  1. You can go for a Job.
  2. You can start your own website and earn money.
  3. You can start your own small scale business.

About Course

Duration : 3 Months

Registration Fee: 200 INR

Exam Fee: 400 INR

Course Fee:  12,000 INR

Course Content

Digital Marketing Overview

What is marketing, What is Digital Marketing, Understanding Marketing Process, Why Digital Marketing Wins Over traditional Marketing, Understanding Digital Marketing Process

Website Planning& Creation

Understanding Internet, Difference between Internet & web, Understanding websites, Understanding domain names & domain extensions, What is web server & web hosting, Different types of web servers, Different types of websites,
Planning & Conceptualizing a Website, Building website using CMS in Class

Email Marketing

What is email marketing, How email works, Challenges faced in sending bulk emails, How to over come these challenges, Types of email marketing- Opt-in & bulk emailing, What is opt-in email marketing, Setting up email marketing account, Best platforms to do opt-in email marketing, Setting up lists & web form, Creating a broadcast email, What are auto responders, Setting up auto responders,
How to do bulk emailing, Best practices to send bulk emails, Tricks to land in inbox instead of spam folder, Top email marketing software’s & a glimpse of how to use them, Improving ROI with A/B testing

Lead Generation For Busines

Understanding lead generation for business, Why lead generation is important, Understanding landing pages, Understanding thank-you page, Landing page vs website, Best practices to create a landing page, Best practices to create a thank-you page, Practical exercise-creating a landing page, Types of landing pages, Reviewing landing pages created by trainees, What is A/B testing, How to do A/B testing, Selecting landing pages after A/B testing, Converting leads into sales, Creating lead nurturing strategy
Understanding lead funnel, Steps in leads nurturing

PPC Advertising Google AdWords

Google AdWords Overview, Understanding Adwords Algorithm, Creating Search Campaigns, Understanding different types of bid, Advanced level bid strategies, What are flexible bidding strategies?, Understanding flexible bidding strategy, Pros & Cons of different bid strategies, Understanding ad-extensions, Types of ad-extensions, Adding ad-extensions in our campaign, Creating adgroups
Finding relevant adgroups options, using tools, Creating adgroups using tool, Understanding keywords, Creating ads, Tracking Performance/Conversion, Optimizing Search Campaigns

Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics, How Google analytics works, Understanding Google analytics account structure, Understanding Google analytics insights, Understanding cookie tracking, Types of cookie tracking used by Google analytics, Starting with Google analytics, How to set up analytics account
How to add analytics code in website, Understanding goals and conversions, How to setup goals
Understanding different types of goals, Understanding bounce & bounce rate, Difference between exit rate & bounce rate, How to reduce bounce rate, How to set up funnels in goals, Importance of funnels
How to integrate adwords and analytics account, Benefits of integrating adwords & analytics, Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Google analytics, What is link tagging, How to set up link tagging, Understanding filters & segments, How to set up filters & segments, How to view customized reports, Monitoring traffic sources, Monitoring traffic behavior, aTaking corrective actions if required

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media, Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms & psychology, How social media marketing is different than others, Forms of Internet marketing, Facebook marketing, Linkedin Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Video Marketing

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

What is SEO, Introduction to SERP, What are search engines, How search engines work, Major functions of a search engine, What are keywords, Different types of keywords, Google keyword planner tool, Keywords research process, Understanding keywords mix, Google Operator : So that you can find anything on the web, On page optimization,
Off Page optimization, Local SEO, Top tools for SEO, Monitoring SEO process, Preparing SEO reports
How to create SEO Strategy for your business, What is link juice, Importance of domain and page authority, How to optimize exact keywords for your business, What is Google Panda Algorithm, What is Google Penguin, What is Google EMD Update, How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update, How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD

Online Display Advertising

What is Online Advertising, Types of Online Advertising, Display Advertising, Contextual advertising, What are Payment Modules, Companies that provide online advertising solution, Tracking & Measuring ROI of online adv, Assignment on allocating funds to various, Different Online advertising platforms, Creating Banner Ads Using Tools

Ecommerce Marketing

What is ecommerce,Top ecommerce websites around the world & it’s scenario in India, Difference between E-Commerce software and Shopping Cart software, Payment Gateways, Merchant Accounts & Logistics for physical goods, Integrating Woocommerce and setting up an ecommerce store on WordPress, Affiliate Marketing by promoting products which looks like an ecommerce store, Case studies on ecommerce websites, How to do Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) for ecommerce websites, How to do SEO for an ecommerce website.

Mobile Web Marketing

Understanding Mobile Devices, Mobile Marketing and Social Media, Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics, Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing, Key industry terminology, Creating mobile website through wordpress, Using tools to create mobile websites, Using tools to create mobile app, Advertising on mobile (App & Web), Content Marketing on mobile, Mobile strategy-segmentations option targeting and differentiation, Mobile marketing mix, SMS marketing, Creating mobile application, Uploading mobile app in Android and iOS

Content Marketing

Introduction to content marketing, Objective of content marketing, Content marketing 7 step strategy building process, 18 types of content with examples, How to write great compelling content, Keyword research for content ideas, Optimizing content for search engines, Discussing authority blog, Steps towards developing authority blog, Ways to monetizing authority blog, How to market your content?
Debate- Doesn’t great content just spread by itself, Understanding second customer, Importance of second customer, How to increase second customer

Online Reputation Management

Understanding ORM scenario, How to deal with criticism online, 10 Online reputation management Commandments, 15 ways to create positive brand image online, Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation, Step by step guide to overcome negative online reputation, Best examples of online reputation management

A¬ffiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing history, Changes in affiliate marketing industry over the year, Affiliate marketing scenario in India, How to be a super affiliate, Different ways to do affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing secrets, How your trainer makes money in affiliate marketing, Live examples of how people are making money as an affiliate, Getting your started as an affiliate

Adsense & Blogging

What is adsense, How to get approved for adsense, Cool trick to get adsense approval by Google
Using your adsense account interface, Placing ads on your blog

How To Grab Freelancing Projects

Digital Marketing course content


  1. You can take classes either on Weekday (Mon to Fri) or Weekend(Sat-Sun)
  2. Timing of Classes are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 
  3. Payment can be made either Cash, Cheque(in favor of Excel Computer Classes). If you made One Time Payment then 10% discount will be applicable. Fee can be deposit in maximum two installment.