Duration : 1 Month

Writing CSS code

Writing CSS code, Cascading Style Sheets. Learn about CSS rules, Selectors, Properties and Values.

Creating style sheets

Creating style sheets in the HTML document and external css file, import style sheets, adds comments.

Configuring Fonts

Configuring Fonts, setting font type, size and font style, setting multiple values in a property.

Configuring Text

Configuring text, setting text properties, line and word spacing, letter spacing, text decoration, align, white space, shadow.


Setting Backgrounds to HTML elements, background image, background properties: color, position.

CSS Box Model

CSS course – Box Model, content-box properties: margin, width, height, padding, Min and Max dimensions, overflow.

CSS Border

Draw different line styles around elements with CSS border properties, sets border-color, border-style, border-width. Shorten the stylesheet code with border shorthand.

CSS Outline

Make the HTML element “stand out” with CSS outline properties, sets outline-color, outline-style, outline-width, outline shorthand.

Display and Visibility

Learn how to Display a HTML element: inline, block, or to hide its Visibility in the web page.


Use the CSS position property to set the position of HTML elements in the web page, fixed, absolute, relative, z-index.

CSS Float and Clear

How to use the CSS float property to push the elements horizontally to the left or right. Use “clear” to stop the wrapping effect of the float.


How to use pseudo-classes to add special effects to some elements of the same selector or class. Various examples with pseudo-classes applied to selectors, classes and form fields.

CSS3 Pseudo-classes

CSS lesson, Pseudo-Classes added in CSS3: nth-child(N), nth-of-type(N), last-child, root, empty, target, enabled, checked, and other pseudo-classes.

CSS Pseudo-elements

Pseudo-elements (after, before, first-letter, first-line) to style certain aspects or parts of an element without introducing new markup or tags in the HTML document.

Define Custom List-item Markers, Bullets for UL, OL Lists

How to Remove, or Define Custom List-item Markers / Bullets for UL and OL Lists. Examples with: list-style, list-style-image, list-style-type, and list-style-position.

Cursor property – Custom Cursors

How to control and create Custom Cursors with CSS, use images for cursor appearance.

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