Duration : 2 Months

Getting started withCorelDraw

Introduction to Corel Draw, Features of Corel Draw, Corel Draw Interface, Tool Box, Moving from Adobe, Illustrator to Corel Draw: Common Tasks

Working with Pages and Dockers

Moving and adding pages, Understanding page setup, Arranging dockers

Importing and Exporting Files

Importing files, Using Corel CONNECT, Exporting files

Viewing Options

Working with zooming, Understanding page views

Working with Objects

Using the Pick tool, Selecting objects, Moving objects, Sizing objects, Mirroring objects, Rotating objects, Skewing objects

Undo, Redo, and Stacking Order

Working with Undo and Redo, Understanding the stacking order

Using the Drawing Tools in a Business Card Project

Understanding the drawing tools, Working with the Rectangle tool, Adding rectangles to a business card, Working with the Ellipse tool, Adding ellipses, pies, and arcs, Working with the Polygon tool, Adding a multipoint polygon, Working with the Spiral tool, Adding a shadowed spiral, Working with the Graph paper tool, Adding unique graph shapes, Working with Perfect Shapes, Adding a shadowed arrow shape

Working with Artistic Text

Understanding artistic text, Adding artistic text

How to Duplicate and Align Multiple Objects

Aligning objects, Understanding duplication, Working with distribution, Building an amplifier face, Aligning text and spacing objects

Should I Group or Combine Objects?

Understanding Group and Ungroup, Working with Combine and Break Apart

Working with Color

Coloring objects and using Uniform fill, Using the Fountain fill, Understanding the Color palette and the Document palette, Working with the Interactive fill tool, Using the eyedropper tools;

Working with Outline Types and Color

Using Convert To Curves and Outline Properties, Understanding advanced Outline Properties

Welding, Trimming, and Intersecting Objects

Exploring methods of working with Weld, Trim, and Intersect, Exploring examples using Weld, Trim, and Intersect

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