Duration : 2 Months

Java EE

Java EE 5 Platform Overview, Java EE Platform – Distributed Multi tiered Applications, Java EE – Web & Business Components, Java EE Containers – services & types, Java EE Application Assembly & Deployment – Packaging Applications, Java EE modules, Getting Started with Web Applications, Model View Controller (MVC)2 Architecture & Packaging EJB Module


Web application development and deployment Steps, Configuring Web application – Web application deployment descriptor (web.xml file), Web Application Archive (*.WAR file) – *.WAR directory structure, Building & Deploying Applications, Ant build tool, Advanced Java EE – Web & Business Components Development


Servlet Overview, Life cycle of Servlet, Handling Client HTTP Request & Server HTTP Response, Practical (Hands-on Working Examples), Initializing Parameters & ServletContext, Initializing a Servlet, ServletContext initialization, Parameters, ServletContext Attributes (Context binder), Practical (Hands-on Working Examples), Session Management, Request Dispatcher & Redirecting, Practical (Hands-on Working Examples)


Overview of JSP, JSP Architecture & life cycle, Components of Java Server Pages, Practical (Hands-on Examples), Implicit Objects & Standard JSP Tags, Practical (Hands-on Working Examples), Scope of JSP objects, Practical (Hands-on Working Examples)


JDBC Overview & Architecture, Step By Step Usage of JDBC API, Connecting to Oracle 10g XE Database in Java
Practical (Hands-on Working Examples), Prepared Statement & JDBC Transactions, Practical (Hands-on Working Examples)


Struts2 Basics & Architecture, Struts Request Handling Life Cycle, Struts2 Configuration, Struts2 Actions, Struts2 Interceptors, Struts2 Results, Struts2 Value Stack/OGNL, Practical (Building Struts2 Framework Application), Struts2 Tag Libraries, Struts2 XML Based Validations, Practical (Building Struts2 XML based Validation Application), Struts2 Database Access


Introduction to Hibernate, ORM Overview, Hibernate Environment, Hibernate Architecture & API, Hibernate Configuration, Hibernate Sessions, Persistent Class & Mapping Files


Introduction to Spring Framework Architecture, Bean Definition, Bean Scopes & Bean Definition Inheritance, Spring IoC Containers, Understanding inversion of control (IoC) – Dependency Injection (DI), Spring Setter Injection, Spring Constructor Injection, Ioc in Action, Architecture of Spring Web MVC Framework, Spring MVC Getting Started – constructing web MVC application using Spring Framework, AbstractController in Spring MVC.

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