Advanced Excel Training

Duration : 2 Months

MS Excel(Basic):
Navigating with the Mouse and Keyboard, Entering Text and Numbers, Entering Dates, Editing Text Dates and Numbers, Editing within a Cell: Copying, Moving, Pasting and Inserting Cells.
Deleting and Clearing Cells: Deleting and & Inserting Rows, Deleting and Inserting Columns, Finding and Replacing Text as well as Numbers; Selecting, Inserting, Deleting, Renaming, Moving and Copying Worksheets.
Sorting Data; Filtering Data using Auto Filter.
Date and Text functions.
Creating a Chart Sheet in a Workbook; Selecting Items in a Chart; Adding Data Labels, Titles, and Other Items to a Chart
Validation, Conditional Formatting, Protection, Proofing, Goal Seek.

Advance MS Excel(Level 1):
Advance Excel with Formulas, Excel Application Setting, Paste with Calculation
Advance Custom Formatting, Use Formulas in Conditional Formatting, Excel Protection System, Data Filling with Flash Fill, Data Sorting , Filter and Selection Concept, Data Analyzing with Pivot, Recognized Pivot Table, Relational Pivot, Reporting with Chart, Insert Other Application in Excel Sheet
Concept of Formulas Inserting, Logical Formulas Use, Working with Text Formulas, Working With Date & Time Formulas, Data Lookup with VLookup, HLookup, Match, Index, using Array, Mathematics Calculation, Database Formulas, Informational Formulas, Financial Formulas, Array formulas, Formulas Nesting, Formulas Tricks, Data Import Other Database, Data Import Access Database, Data Connection with SQL Server, Data Import from Webs, Data Clean and Advance Filter, Validation and What-if-Analysis, SubTotal

Advance MS Excel (Level 2):
Advance Conditional Formating, Array Formulas, Formulas Nesting, Miscellaneous Formula Techniques, Performing With Array Formulas, Report Automation Sample, Understanding the Series Formulas, Creating Links to Cells For Title,Axis,Labels and Text, Charting Progess Toward a Goal, Creating a Gauge Chart, Displaying the Conditional Colors, Creating Comparative Histogram, Creating a Grant Chart, Ceating a Box Plot, Handling Missing Data
Chart with Access and SQL, Chart with Form Cantrol Buttons, Interactive Dashboards using PowerPoint and Excel
Introduction to Dashboards
Dashboard Background, Dashboard Elements, Interactive Dashboards, Type of Reporting in India, Reporting Analyst, Indian print media reporting, audit report, Accounting MIS Reports, HR Mis Reports, MIS Report Preparation Supplier, Exporter, Data analysis, Costing Budgeting Mis Reporting, MIS Report for Manufacturing Company, MIS Reporting For Store and Billing, Product Performance Report, Member Performance Report, Customer-wise Sales Report, Collections Report, Channel Stock Report, Prospect Analysis Report
Calling Reports, Expenses Report, Stock controller MIS reporting

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